Cham dam spill way discharge gate

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 Project Information

The Dadin-Kowa Dam is located 5km north of Dadin-Kowa village (about 37km from Gombe town along Gombe-Biu Road) in Yamaltu /Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State on Gongola River.

The Dam project was initially identified for hydro-electric power generation in 1957 by the Niger Dams Authority. However, in 1976, the Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority commissioned Shawmont Montreal engineering development corporation of Canada to review and upgrade the previous studies for contruction of a multipurpose Dam.

In 2005, the federal government approved completion of the hydropower component through concession agreement between the authority and MS MABON energy Nigeria limited. As at April 2017, the concessioneer has completed the power component by 80% and expected to be commissioned by the end of 2019.

The world bank has commissioned detail studies and design of 3000ha irrigation scheme at Dadin Kowa phase I. Procurement process for the construction contract is expected to be completed by first quarter of 2019.

1. Contract awarded -1980
2. Name of Contractor – Messrs Stirling Civil Engineering Limited
3. Contract Sum (initial)- ₦29,971,000.00 as at 1980
4. Name of Consultant – Shawmont Montreal Engineering Corporation
5. Date inpoundment- 1987
6. Total cost of civil works -₦100 million (about US $22million); which comprised the main embankment, spillway, power house and intake structure, irrigation and water supply intake structure, 4km of line canal with 10m3/s capacity for irrigation of (6,600ha) Dadin Kowa phase I.
7. Civil works were Commissioned – 15th June, 1988, by the then Military President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (GCFR).

The envisaged benefits and uses of the dam includes:

  1. Irrigated agriculture of gross area of about 44,000 hectares (gross) Dadin Kowa Phase I. Guyuk lot phase II 18,000ha in Adamawa state.
  2. Hydro-Electric power generation of 34MW to be connected to national grid
  3. Water supply to Gombe town and environs from daily release of 19million gallons (86,400m3/day)
  4. Fish production of about 20,000 metric tons per annum (estimated).
  5. Flood control/river regulation.